my back pain coach review

My Back Pain Coach Review – Is it Scam or Legit?

Here we will guide you about My Back Pain Coach Review which will be very helpful for you to evaluate this product whether to buy it or not.

My Back Pain Coach Honest Review: 

It’s been more than a month to searching a back pain relief program or something alternate could able to find yes I have found plenty of the program but most of the time, I have faced the same problem.

Some of the programs could not able to produce an effective result some may work. Others are very hard to perform and too expensive than we expect.

All of this meant that I was really stuck with my chronic back pain.

Then I found a simple and easy alternative way that truly helped me. This is my back pain coach review here we gonna help you understand what is the major cause for that and how this program really works and what makes it different than others.

My Back Pain Coach Review: Introduction Of The Program

I would like to describe to you what this program actually is. In the shortage of a better word, it is a video tutorial that lasts 28 minutes. It can be seen on any type of device and it is comparatively simple to use.

Once you get it, you can see it an endless number of times, certainly. I spent some time examining the program and studying its features.

my back pain coach review

The program is specially designed by Ian Hart. He has been hurting from back pain for years and he determined to support others by making this program.

It is pleasing knowing that you will apply a program that was produced by a person who has been hurting from the same problem as you are right now.

This was the first and the most appealing part to consider when I saw for a solution. My back pain coach review should support you to learn why I have a great opinion after weeks of usage.

How Does the Program Actually Work?

Here we’ll let know you about how this program truly works for you. It is quite easy to follow and it is available with an easy move. There are 8 of them and you will have to around 15-16 minutes to perform them.

At first, I took some time so I required 20 minutes to perform all of them, but after some time, I got used to it and I took lesser time to accomplish the task.

The secret isn’t on the movements you will have to perform or the duration. It is about the movements themselves. Everyone is intended to give the maximum back pain relief benefit and to re-balance the body.

When connected, these moves assisted my body release chemicals which were able to heal my body.

I was quite interested in the moves ready in the program so I did extra research. And yes, they really work. However, I was even more excited about feeling back pain relief which is accessible after the first session.

Remember one thing is all about, believe it or not, this actually works and clearly, I will describe the 8 moves here.

8 Movements Of The Program

 Back pain coach program is based on 8 particular movements so here we’ll let you know how it works by following each step and what kind of elements are included.

While using the program every step is quite significant and more effective than others so don’t miss anyone. I even personally tried this and I made a less-effective outcome.

But, when done all of them, accurate order, back pain relief is more than just possible. Anyway, the movements are:

  1.     Activating the imbalanced muscles – the very first movement is activating the imbalanced muscles which were the reason for the pain. The movement is intended to support your body to fix them for pain relief.
  2.     Activating hip muscles – While using this step you will have to activate the dormant hip muscles. Plus, this is the part where you will proceed to activate all imbalanced muscles in your back. This is it as an exercise for the main thing.
  3.     Improving the blood flow – In the 3rd step, you’ll feel that the blood flow or the circulation particularly in the lower back is significantly increased. This step is made to assist you to get more power and generate a better lower back movement.
  4.     Curing the lower back – The 4th movement is like the third one but you have to perform to send more blood to the lower back which will have powerful results. You will see even more energy and heat around the muscles.
  5.     Decompression of the lower back muscles – This movement is planned to decompress or reduce the pressure on the lower back muscles. The result is quite unique and the first results are immediately seen. I loved this movement the most and I still consider it is one that makes a big difference.
  6.     Restoring the alignment – This is the second most significant element of the program. During this, I literally saw that my muscles are greatly balanced and the pain started to decrease significantly. All of which changes the muscles around your spine, which make the actual pain.
  7.     Pulling spine, back, and hips into the natural position – And now you will see that muscles around hips, spine, and back, in usual, are growing their natural position. The overall result is effective no less and it will make you feel so much more satisfying. I understand because I have got all of the benefits.
  8.     Restoring the blood flow to the spine discs – The last step is the most difficult and the most rewarding. What it does is rebuilds the blood to the spinal discs and make a big difference. The old blood which is below on nutrients will be eliminated. New blood which is plentiful in chemicals and nutrients will be started instead. The overall result is the whole removal of back pain.

I understand all of the movements are quite easy or like an already known thing.

But I must repeat myself by telling that the sequence of the movements, performed in a particular order is something that makes the entire difference.

As such, relax and watch the video carefully. I saw the first improvements after the first time I finished all 8 movements, so shall you.

Additional Features of the Program

The great part of this program is that we’ll provide you two extra features as well. I got and yes, I applied both of them. They are quite easy and they are made to assist you to understand how and why this program truly works.

Also, the second, added feature is a heavy game-changer which encouraged me to learn this is more than just a simple video program.

The first additional feature you will be ready to apply is an additional video of 9 video sessions. Every one is produced to assist you to understand why these movements operate and what you really get with them.

The sole mission is to know why you should apply the movements in question. After that, you will become an expert and you will be able to describe to another user why the program operates. I described all of this to you now.

The second feature is one to one coaching. You will receive a personal email from Hart and whenever you may feel some problem you can contact him at any time.

I did this a few times and I always got a helpful answer which supported me to solve the problem. Keep in mind that Hart or some of his specialists will answer your email. The value of this feature is the skill to adapt the program for your particular necessities.

It is also beneficial for getting the information of any movement or the step of the program. As a matter of fact, I still apply this feature infrequently, when I want to examine something new or unique when I require an answer to a question.

I must tell that these two extra features are more than just significant and they are something that makes a big difference. In a nutshell, you will be able to get an excellent program according to your particular requirements.

This is unique nowadays and it is something that cannot be reached from most, other programs of this kind.

My Back Pain Coach Review – PROS & CONS


  • The program is quite simple and easy to follow even you can perform it at home
  • All movements are clearly described and they are easy to follow
  • Two, additional features are more than just required and they make a big difference
  • The program is quite cheap and affordable as well so it can be yours within a few minutes
  • It is made by a person who has been hurting from back pain for years


  • At first, it may look difficult to follow
  • They need some time to answer your email (within 24 hours)

My Back Pain Coach Review – Conclusion

My back pain coach review will surely support you to understand why this program is various than any other and why it is so familiar at the moment.

I am just one of them who felt all of the benefits on own skin or more satisfying said on own muscles and I must add that the program itself appears and gives remarkable benefits.

All of this should encourage you to learn one thing. If you hurt from back pain, this is the best program for you so don’t think too much about it can make you more confused just go for it. It’ll completely change your life than before.