The Words of Reggie, an Alligator: My cousin has been kidnapped!

Sure, he's not full grown yet, but to say that my cousin is the size of a small dog is a little more than insulting. Yet, those were the words used when he was taken from his comfortable abode in the marshland of Hemet. The official measurements came in at 22 kilograms with a length of more than a meter, but all reports stated he was quite healthy.

Instead of leaving him alone, they took him to Phelan and deposited him in a so-called sanctuary for alligators called “Forever Wild.” However, this is no sanctuary at all. Instead of having his own place, he will be crowded with 70 more of our brethren that have been taken from their homes. Surely, all of these alligators have big appetites an it will take a colossal effort to keep them fed.

The workers at Forever Wild did have some good things to say about my cousin. They said he didn't try to bite anyone and dealt with the change quite well. Anybody that's anybody knows that alligators are more than capable of having good manners when they are needed, but a small dog is only for eating and they do make a nice midday snack.

Anarchy in the L.A.

As it turns out, the LAX airport is number one again, but not for the reasons that people might think. The major transportation hub didn't have more passengers or a higher revenue than others, but there was one notable category where LAX towered over the competition. With 102 cases, the airport is clearly the winner in instances where lasers were pointed at the airplanes. Well, it still is good to be king of something.

Queen Latifah Fields Easy Questions from Parade Magazine.

It was notable that Parade Magazine decided to conduct an interview with the musical star, Queen Latifah. However, it seems like the journal decided to go the easy route by not asking any difficult questions of the famed star. Instead of asking about her personal life, the questions mainly focused on her role model status, her job as the MC of the People's Choice Awards, and, of course, her new line of cosmetic products that is soon to hit the stores. With the many questions that surround her personal life, it is quite surprising that Parade did little to address this issue.

Many industry insiders have thought that Queen Latifah is a lesbian for many years. She is often seen and photographed with a special woman that many describe as being her girlfriend.

With this in mind, many readers have questioned why this topic was not brought up by Parade. Possibly, this was a condition of the interview, that there could be no questions about the Queen's sexual preference. Some people have speculated that this decision was made to protect the sales of her new cosmetics products. If the news that Queen Latifah were to hit the streets, it could damage her reputation and many people might decide to boycott her new products.

However, the big question is whether Queen Latifah and Parade Magazine thought that their readers and fans would not notice this huge gap in the interview. Many stars have come out of the closet in recent years and actually seen their level of popularity grow with the news. Famous names like Ellen DeGeneres and Daniel Hernandez have embraced their position within the gay community and still managed to maintain successful careers. Some see Latifah's decision to keep her sexual preference a secret because of her acting career as she could be denied roles for straight women if it is common knowledge that she is gay.

All this talk harkens back to the tales spun by the National Enquirer and others about the mega-star Rock Hudson. Although all of the people close to Hudson were well aware that he was homosexual, the magazines continued to print stories that described Rock as a ladies' man. This kept his fan base at optimal levels and profits for his movies soaring. Of course, all that changed when Hudson confirmed that he had contracted HIV and his sexual proclivity came to light.

Go Ahead and Publish It

The threats and allegations made by Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange have stirred up quite a bowl of controversy in the past weeks. With entire governments and corporations as the targets for most of the information being disseminated, some have started to build up their defenses. Notably, the Bank of America has begun purchasing hundreds of domain names that could be used to smear the multinational bank. However, this plan has been noticed and Moynihan and other leaders at BoA are caught red-handed trying to prevent the written abuse before it starts.

The reason that Bank of America has started this action is because they are afraid of what Assange and Wikileaks may be able to publish. The organization has stated that it has thousands of documents that could effectively cripple BoA with proof of its predatory practices and how it has swindled its own customers. The actions of BoA stand as effective evidence that they are quite scared about the possibility of these documents reaching the eyes of the public. Instead of simply calling Assange's bluff, they are getting ready for the onslaught that is expected to follow.

Bin Ladin Reaps the Reward of his Plans

Somewhere in the world, Osama Bin Ladin is certainly laughing. The new restrictions and security measures that have been taken by the TSA in the United States are making flying more and more difficult. In an attempt to capture potential terrorists, the TSA security folks are now authorized to conduct intimate searches of both luggage pieces and bodily cavities. Some passengers have likened the practice to sexual assault and state that they have been deemed guilty until proven innocent. In other countries, police and security experts have been trained to ask specific questions and note facial and verbal responses. This practice has yielded better results than the grope and poke tactics of the TSA.